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Charity registration

Interested in joining Localgiving as a group, but not sure what the application process involves?

We've put together a quick step-by-step guide to help explain.

Localgiving Charity Registration Guide


Charity eligibility

What eligibility criteria must charities and community organisations meet in order to register with Localgiving?

To be eligible to become one of our 4,000 members and benefit from all of the products that we provide, a group must be able to meet all of the below criteria:

1. Operate on local / regional community intiatives and not be a national or international charity

Localgiving's mission is to support small, locally focused charities and community groups. As such, we do not allow national charities to register on the site. All organisations on Localgiving must be for the benefit of a local or regional community and cannot use the platform to raise funds for national or international projects.If an organisation operates at a local / regional level, but is part of a wider national body, it can still register with Localgiving providing it has a separate bank account and level of autonomy for the services it provides.

2. Have a local / regional management committee and a UK bank account

All organisations on Localgiving must have a local / regional independent management committee that has management of a UK bank account in the name of the organisation and not an individual. Unfortunately, we do not accept old style building society accounts, which use a roll number to distinguish between account holders.

3. Have charitable aims that are not solely for the advancement of religion or party politics, or for medical research

Localgiving is not able to work with organisations that proselytise a particular political party/belief or provide services solely to members of a political party to register.

Localgiving understands that faith groups are a very important part of the local community and voluntary sector. Faith groups are able to join Localgiving, provided that they are providing services open to the community and do not intend to use funds raised through Localgiving for the advancement of religion.

Organisations that work solely for the benefit of medical research are not able to join Localgiving; however, if they are providing direct benefit to the local human population they are able to use the Localgiving platform.

4. Not be an unregistered statutory body, such as a school

Statutory and Governmental bodies that have been granted charity status are eligible for Localgiving provided that:

• They exist for charitable purposes, and not to implement the policies of a governmental authority

• They operate at a local level for the benefit of the local community

• They have a bank account used and controlled at a local level so we can ensure that all funds raised through Localgiving are used only to benefit the local community


If you have any questions about Localgiving's eligibility criteria, then please do not hesitate to get in contacat with our friendly Help Desk on 0300 111 2340 or via

Our office hours are 9.30am - 5.30pm, Monday - Friday.


Charity validation

All charities and community organisations on Localgiving are subject to a thorough validation process. We do this to ensure that any donation made through Localgiving is going to a legitimate charitable cause.

Our validation process involves a number of security checks to determine that, in addition to meeting eligibility criteria, the charity or community organisation is:

• A legitimate entity with clear charitable aims and objectives

• Not engaged in any fraudulent activity

• Operated by suitable parties

• Has a local constitution and bank account and can guarantee the money will be spent locally

Validation is an important part of our commitment to provide local communities with a trusted source of bona fide local charities that work toward genuinely charitable aims. The goal of our validation process is to provide supporters with peace of mind, enabling everyone to give with confidence.

How validation works

Upon registration with Localgiving, charities and community organisations are sent a form to fill out, which tells us what they do, where and how they operate. Additionally, we work closely with selected Community Foundations partner and charity regulators, including the Charity Commission and Companies House, so we can confidently verify the authenticity of an organisation, its management, finances and objectives.

Charities and community organisations are also required to undergo revalidation each year they remain on Localgiving to ensure they are still in operation and remain eligible.

For more information about validation, please contact our Validation Team: